Changes to the $TRDL Rewards Strategy

Current State

- vBTC power pool: 50%
- $TRDL/ETH pool: 30%
- vBTC spot pool: 5%
- renBTC/ETH pool: 5%
- tBTC/ETH pool: 5%
- wBTC/ETH pool: 5%

The objective of farming rewards is to bootstrap the project and stabilize the peg of vBTC.

Problems with the current strategy


- vBTC power pool: 60%
- $TRDL/ETH pool: 30%
- vBTC spot pool: 0%
- renBTC/ETH pool: 0%
- tBTC/ETH pool: 0%
- wBTC/ETH pool: 0%
- vBTC/tBTC SushiSwap pool: 10%

We will initialize the changes through our governance process which requires 24 hours of delay. The changes are expected to go live at 10:00 UTC on Saturday, the 17th of October.

Expected Outcome

The trustless bridge linking Bitcoin with Ethereum.

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