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2 min readMay 11, 2021


Dear Strudelers,

Now that the Strudel development team has wrapped up the new governance implementation, the fully trustless one-way vBCH L2 bridge to BSC, and the two-way BSC-ETH bridge, it is finally time to start pushing forward with plans to grow our ecosystem and push for increased adoption. Up to this point, the Strudel development has relied on the farming allocation to the development multisig and out-of-pocket contributions from the development team to create the products that we enjoy today. Strudel is very much a labor of love from the people involved and the community that supports us. However, we have reached a level where we think the Strudel protocol needs to level up and grow in order to achieve its potential as a player in the wrapper protocol segment.

We are in the process of securing deals with strategic investors who will commit to lockups and supporting our ecosystem long-term as they share our strategic vision and the value of our implementation. We are also looking for advisory roles within the industry that will help position $TRDL in the market.

Fund Deployment Strategy

In order to achieve this, we believe that the best course of action is to issue 250,000 $TRDL totaling 11.52% of the circulating supply for the Strudel Treasury in order to capitalize on the opportunities that are currently available to us in the market. We plan to deploy these funds in three main areas:

  • Marketing
  • Exchange listing fees
  • Liquidity incentives


We are proposing an implementation of a crypto digital marketing funnel. We intend to implement a governance system over the expenditure of the funnel to allow the community to select the allowance of funds available each quarter for this purpose.

Additionally, we are in the process of hiring a Head of Digital Marketing who will help coordinate our messaging and engage the community with content related to the Strudel protocol.

Check out the marketing funnel plans here.

Exchange Listing Fees

We are currently negotiating for centralized exchange listings that will expose the Strudel protocol to a wider audience and create a high-volume trading venue for $TRDL.

Liquidity Incentives

We have recently entered into several partnerships including and Furthermore, there are several other protocols that are looking to incentivize Strudel token liquidity on different chains. The Strudel protocol will use a portion of the funds to incentivize new pools and use them for new strategic partnerships.

After hearing feedback for this proposal, we will proceed to submit it through vote via snapshot here:



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