Strudel R&D Report: Lending… Powered by Kittens

The Strudel team is happy to announce that we have finally found a lending solution for the Strudel Protocol! We have joined forces with and their amazingly talented dev who has created a fully functional money market for ERC-20 tokens. This allowed us to create 3 vaults where borrowers can deposit either vBTC, TRDL, or oneVBTC and borrow ETH, while lenders can enjoy a 40% APY return on their deposits.

This platform does not rely on liquidations, at the expiry date if the loans have not been paid lenders get back an increased amount of tokens provided they are trading above the end price. Below is an example of the $TRDL lending setup is shown.

We will monitor the performance of these vaults and gather feedback from the community regarding ways to make them better for both lenders and borrowers. We hope that this is the start of a fantastic partnership between the $TRDL community and the kittens.

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