Strudel Finance now has an indexed Balancer pool for all their ecosystem’s liquidity, but what IS a Balancer pool?

What is the Mare Imbrium Fund?

How does the Mare Fund support the ecosystem and the vBTC/vBCH peg?

Are there any risks involved with the Mare Ibrium Fund?

What are the upsides to the MI Fund? What can we do with it?

Why isn’t the Mare Fund APR showing up on the Strudel dApp?

Will we be able to stake the Mare LP token anywhere else in the future?

How much liquidity do we want to see locked in this pool in the short/medium/long term?

Is there any risk with the Mare Fund essentially keeping the token prices constant? If they are always rebalancing, how will $TRDL increase in price? How will vBTC get back to the peg? How does this work?


How to acquire and stake Mare Imbrium Fund LP tokens

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