vBTC-tBTC on Sushi Menu of the Week

New delicious Sushi on the Menu

Strudel’s vBTC has been voted by the community to be among the most delicious Sushi of the Week. You can now earn SUSHI by staking your vBTC-tBTC pair.

Trustless bridges unite!

vBTC and tBTC are fighting against the counterparty risk of trusted Bitcoin bridges. With Sushi’s new pair it is now possible to easily swap and use the pair as a liquidity bridge between trustless protocols.

Stake and Earn Rewards

By putting liquidity into the Sushi vBTC-tBTC pool you not only strengthen the two protocols but you can also earn Sushi by staking the LP token in the 🍣 Sushi Menu of the Week, starting this evening (October 22nd).

With the new pair, we complement vBTC with a possibility to trade back into mainnet Bitcoin liquidity. The more is staked, the stronger the peg and the lower the slippage.

Enter the Strudel and mint vBTC

Don’t have vBTC yet?

The best way to get vBTC is through entering the Strudel! Read the Strudel “How to 👩‍🚀” and use our dApp at strudel.finance.

You can also get vBTC on the market. On balancer.exchange you can swap WETH for vBTC by adding the token contract address of vBTC:

vBTC: 0xe1406825186D63980fd6e2eC61888f7B91C4bAe4

SushiSwap is an innovative protocol with a vibrant community. Strudel is excited to be part of their journey to revolutionize the aping DeFi ecosystem.

Once again, big thanks to the community for supporting the protocol and to upgrade Bitcoin to a new era of digital freedom.

🙌 Join the Strudel Discord community: https://discord.gg/fBuHJCs

Receive announcements on Telegram: https://t.me/STRUDEL_OFFICIAL

Read more:

📜 Have a look at the Strudel Manifesto.
🤝 vBTC and tBTC collaborating on Bitcoin block relayer.

The trustless bridge linking Bitcoin with Ethereum.

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